Digi-CRAC® (Computer Room Air-Conditioning) System

Bes-Tech’s Digi-CRAC® is developed specifically for computer room air conditioning units. Most computer room air-conditioning systems are selected with excess cooling capacity. Cooling demand varies according to the amount of occupant activity and number of running computer processors and peripheral devices present in a computer room. Therefore, the installed capacity of the computer room air-conditioning unit usually exceeds, sometimes by a substantial amount, the actual room cooling demand.

The Digi-CRAC® modulates the cooling output of the computer room air-conditioning unit so that it closely matches the actual cooling demand. The system thus eliminates frequent refrigeration compressor cycling, improves the overall efficiency of the refrigeration cycle, better facilitates control of the room temperature and humidity, and reduces energy consumption and related costs.

Digi-CRAH® is an aftermarket control package designed for constant air volume CRAH® units (w/ chilled water coils). It optimizes the supply fan speed and supply air temperature based on the space load.

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  • Available for use in both new and existing systems
  • Automatic emergency by-pass capabilities
  • Provides an open communication interface for centralized monitoring and control
  • Enables soft start and stop for the fans and compressors
  • Demand response available
  • Easy installation (4 hours) inside existing CRAC units or on the wall


  • Reduces the PUE (power usage effectiveness) rating to 1.5
  • Improves energy efficiency by 30 – 60%
  • Reduces peak electrical demand by up to 50%
  • Runs at 80% speed at peak times and saves power by 30% due to a reduction in the compressor lift
  • Enables a fan power savings of 60-70% (CRAH)
  • Enables smooth control of the  space temperature and humidity
  • Reduces thermal stress on mission critical equipment
  • Extends the lifespan of the fan and compressor through the use of the soft start and stop functionality
  • Reduces O&M costs


How does the Digi-CRAC®/Digi-CRAH® save energy?

  • Data center load is between 40 to 80% of designed cooling capacity during a year
  • Running lower speeds and reducing compressor lift creates greater capacity in existing heat exchanger resulting in 20-30% compressor savings
  • Running the CRAC unit at 80% speed results in 50% fan power savings due to the cube rule of fan law for power vs. speed

How does Digi-CRAC control the CRAC units with humidifier and reheat?

  • Receives input of the humidifier and reheat status, and responds accordingly with a run speed of compressor /fan.

How does the emergency bypass system work?

  • Emergency by-pass, built into the Digi-CRAC, automatically reverts the system back to its original status, removing the Digi-CRAC from any controls

Does the existing CRAC unit controller remain?

  • Yes
  • The Digi-CRAC intercepts cooling calls and sends them to the corresponding components (fan and compressor)

Does the Digi-CRAC have networking capabilities?

  • Yes

How much maintenance does the Digi-CRAC require to perform optimally?

  • A bi-annual maintenance check-up should be performed to ensure that the variable frequency drive and cooling fan are properly functioning and free of obstructions

Digi-CRAC has earned several national and international certifications. The applicable certifications are shown below:

ce_logo1             fcc-logo     rohs_logo_3    Erp®

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