Digi-KVC™ (Kitchen Ventilation Hood)

Digi-KVC is an aftermarket technology for kitchen ventilation control. It provides a fan power energy savings of up to 50% and also improves total building system balance. Typical kitchen HVAC issues:

  • Cooking units generate a substantial number of heat and airborne cooking by-products.  Examples of such by-products include water vapor, grease particulates, smoke, and aerosols.
  • The kitchen air is exhausted to remove the cooking effluent  and must be replaced with new (make-up or conditioned) air so that the space does not have an overly negative pressure.
  • Most restaurants have constant speed AC motors on their exhaust hoods and make-up air fans that act independently of each other.
  • Make-up fans are the main means of providing replacement air for ventilation purposes.
  • Kitchen areas need to have a slight negative pressure in order to keep cooking by-products and conditioned air away from the RTU.

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  • Coordinates the kitchen exhaust fan and make-up air fans so that they no longer function independently
  • Modulates the exhaust and make-up air fans
  • Creates a slight negative pressure- an ideal environment for managing food effluent and cooking by-products
  • Monitors the exhaust air temperature level at the kitchen exhaust hood in order to monitor the load change and reduce the fan speed


  • Up to 50% reduction in fan power through the application of variable speed controls
  • Keeps the kitchen exhaust and make-up air system in balance to ensure an adequate building pressure
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy by conditioning additional outdoor air for make-up or transferred air


How does the Digi-KVC save energy?

  • The Digi-KVC modulates the kitchen exhaust fan speed based on the kitchen load. Therefore, it saves exhaust fan power at partial loads.
  • The Digi-KVC reduces the makeup air intake at partial loads when the exhaust air is reduced. Therefore, it saves cooling/heating energy.

Does the Digi-KVC modulate the makeup air unit speed?

  • Yes, it modulates the makeup air unit fan speed based on the kitchen exhaust air volume.

What kinds of sensors does the Digi-KVC use?

  • The Digi-KVC utilizes the kitchen exhaust temperature sensor and the kitchen VOC sensor.

Does the Digi-KVC work with the existing controls?

  • Yes, the Digi-KVC works with the existing on/off control.

I have several kitchen hoods, do I need one for each hood?

  • Yes, a separate Digi-KVC is needed for each kitchen hood.

Where will the sensors be installed?

  • A duct mounted temperature sensor will be installed in the kitchen hood exhaust duct.
  • A wall mounted VOC sensor will be mounted on the kitchen hood wall.

What is the install time for the Digi-KVC unit?

  • It typically takes 2 hours to install a Digi-KVC unit.

How much energy is typically saved?

  • 60% fan energy savings
  • 15%-30% heating and cooling energy savings

What is the warranty policy?

  • The Digi-KVC has a one year parts warranty.

What type of maintenance procedures are required? 

  • A bi-annual check-up of the variable frequency drive is required.

Digi-Kitchen system_wRTU

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