Digi-TSC™ (Telecomm Shelter Controller)

The Digi-TSC, or Telecomm Shelter Controller, manages  multiple compressors simultaneously at lower speeds vs. a primary and secondary compressor function

  • Optimizes the control of the compressor speed for up to three A/C units
  • Conversion of the existing On-Off operation of the compressor to continuous capacity modulation ensures that the space load requirements are met
  • Easily mounts inside the telecommunications equipment shelter

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  • Soft start and stop operation of the compressors
  • Designed redundancy with two VFD’s/ single VFD is capable of managing compressors in the event of a VFD failure
  • Does not effect the existing system control capabilities:
    • Digi-TSC is subject to the existing controls
    • Full visibility and functionality remain
    • Alarm notifications on equipment failures remain
  • Easy installation (4 hours)


  • 30% Energy Savings
  • Running lower speeds and reducing compressor lift creates greater capacity in existing heat exchanger resulting in 30% kWh and kW peak demand savings
  • Consistent and Safe Control of the  Space Temperature 
  • Longer run-times result in a more consistent space temperature profile and adherence to the temperature bandwidth
  • Improved Equipment Lifespan
  • Co-compressor management vs. primary/secondary functionality reduces risk of premature failure
  • Soft start /stop reduces system wear and tear and increases the lifespan of the equipment


How Does the Digi-TSC help to create energy savings?

  • On average, the room load of a telecommunications shelter  is 40 to 60% of the design cooling capacity
  • The increased capacity of the existing heat exchanger enabled through the reduction of  the compressor speed and compressor lift creates a compressor savings of up to 30%

Where is the Digi-TSC mounted?

  • The Digi-TSC is mounted inside the telecommunications shelter room near the AC unit

How much time does it takes to install a Digi-TSC unit?

  • It takes about 4 hours to install a Digi-TSC unit

What is the typical energy savings?

  • Use of the Digi-TSC results in a typical energy savings of 1500kWh – 2000 kWh/ton

Safety & redundancy?

  • The two VFDs are redundant to each other, transferring loads in the event of a fault
  • Automatic fault reset of the VFD from a fault condition

Is the existing TSC unit controller by-passed?

  • Yes, the Digi-TSC serves as the controller of the A/C units

What maintenance is required?

  • Annual PMs of the VFD fan ensure that it is properly functioning and free of obstructions

Does the Digi-TSC have networking capabilities?

  • Yes, the Digi-TSC can be networked to a centralized monitoring system using the Modbus protocol via a communications bridge



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