Digi-VAV®  AHU-Chilled Water/DX Coil

The Digi-VAV® measures the true fan airflow using our embedded patented technologies.  It also measures the CO2 concentration level in the outside, return and supply air streams. The Digi-VAV® resets the minimum airflow at each terminal box, optimizing both the AHU outside air intake and the supply air static pressure.  This results in a reduction in the cooling/heating of excess airflow.

Typical System Problems:

  • Excess airflow results in the excessive consumption of heating /cooling energy
  • Fixed outdoor air intake ratio at AHU level
  • Fixed minimum air flow rates at the terminal box level
  • Cannot guarantee fresh air requirement levels are achieved
  • High installation and ongoing maintenance costs due to the need for individual CO2 sensors


Digi-VAV® Solutions:

  • The indoor air quality requirements are satisfied by resetting the  minimum airflow for each zone based on the zone occupancy schedules and supply air quality
  • The outdoor air intake ratio is reset based upon the building occupancy conditions
  • The static pressure is reset based upon the fan airflow


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Digi-VAV® Resets: 

  • Minimum airflow of each terminal box
  • Minimum outside air intake based upon the building occupancy schedule
  • Static pressure based upon the true airflow as measured by the speed and power of the VFD



  • Decreases heat/reheat energy consumption by about 30 – 80%
  • Lowers cooling energy consumption by about 10 – 25%
  • Reduces fan power consumption by about 30 – 50%
  • Ensures  adequate indoor air quality, zone thermal control, and building pressures
  • Complies with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 & CA Tile 24 air quality requirements
  • Eliminates the need for individual CO2 room sensors



How does the Digi-VAV® save energy?

  • The Digi-VAV® dynamically resets the minimum airflow of each terminal box based on the supply air quality and the occupancy status. This allows for a lower and more accurate minimum airflow set-point, thus reducing unnecessary heating and cooling at the terminal box
  • The Digi-VAV® dynamically resets the supply static pressure based on the measured building load.  It also lowers the set-point to allow the fan to run at lower speeds


Does the Digi-VAV® control the staging of the compressors?

  • Yes


Does the Digi-VAV® controller replace the existing AHU controller or terminal box controller?

  • No, the controllers remain


Does the Digi-VAV® communicate with the AHU controller or terminal box controller?

  • No, the Digi-VAV® communicates with the BAS controller thus providing the revised set-point for the supply static pressure, minimum OA damper, and terminal box minimum airflow


Do the existing supply fan VFDs need to be replaced?

  • No, they do not need to be replaced


Where is the Digi-VAV® mounted?

  • The Digi-VAV® is mounted inside the mechanical room next to the AHU


How long does it typically take to install a Digi-VAV® unit?

  • It takes approximately 3 hours to mount a Digi-VAV® and 30 minutes to program each terminal box

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